Listen to Lead & Up Next!

Listen to Lead

It is time to write our speeches!

Over the next 6-8 weeks your child will be writing speeches that they will give to their classmates about different genres (inform, persuade, entertain). Your child will learn about these different genres of speeches and analyze how each is different.

Students will start with an informative speech! They will view examples of school announcements and discuss how they fit into the informative speech category. Students will then create an announcement for a fictional scenario and present it to the class! Help your child at home by discussing the three genres and identifying them on the T.V. News or radio when you hear them!

Up Next

In Quarter 2 your child will be learning about Storytelling!

Storytelling is the act of telling a story in an entertaining, impressive, or dramatic way. It is telling a story by either standing or sitting and by using ones voice or sign language to present it without reading from a book. We are all natural born storytellers and we use storytelling in some shape or form everyday - talking to neighbors, sharing secrets or gossip, recalling something dramatic, exciting or traumatic from our day. What makes the difference? Adding feeling or emotion is probably most important!

Students will practice their delivery by tuning in to what they have already learned in the 1st Quarter about public speaking. They will pay close attention to their tone, volume, rhythm, facial expression, body language, movement, and hand gestures. Help your child by practicing your storytelling at home today!