Choir & JazzMania

Middle School Fall Concert

Come check out the fall concert featuring Band, Choir and Jazzmania on Tuesday, October 30 at 5:00 in the cafeteria.


In Choir this week, the students are learning to sing the Soprano, Alto and Tenor parts of the pieces they are working on: I See the Light (Tangled), Reflection (Mulan), and Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas). We have been experimenting with the vocal lines for the boys because of their wide range of vocal possibilities. I am pleased with the progress the students are making in their vocal parts.


In Jazzmania this week, the students are learning how to play a jazz rhythm on the crash cymbal, bass drum, snare drum and high hat. They are also learning how to blend that with the barred instrument parts they have already learned. They have learned 6 parts for barred instruments from the piece "Honey Muffin" by Patrick Ware.

We are focused at this point on every student playing every part to give them the flexibility to move amongst all the parts with confidence. Once they have become more cohesive as a group, we will turn our focus to improvising melodies in the context of the piece. I am pleased with the progress students are making in learning to play cohesively.