Choir & Jazzmania


In 6th grade choir, students continue to practice for the May District Choir Concert.

  • We are working on three songs with an American theme
    • Comin' Round the Mountain
    • Fifty Nifty United States - Ray Charles
    • This Land is Your Land - Woodie Guthrie
  • The students are also focusing 5 aspects of singing
      1. Prepare the air
      2. Support the sound
      3. Round vowels
      4. Clean consonants
      5. Expression.


  • In Jazzmania, we have shifted from learning "Honey Muffin" to another piece by Patrick Ware, "'Round Four."
  • The students are learning skills of collaboration with a group while playing independently. They are also learning how to read the notes for the instruments they are playing. "Round Four" calls for glockenspiels, soprano, alto and bass xylophones.