Professional Receivables Management

Outsourcing Account "Collections"

  • greatly improves cashflow and reduces Lock-Up.

  • frees your staff from having to “chase the debtors”.

  • allows everyone to focus on more productive, fee-generating work.

Credit Flow Solutions uses an established, "time-proven" and customisable system that

  1. is regular and non-confrontational in approach and,

  2. focuses on ‘slow’ account payments, not ‘bad’ debts.

Bottom Line:

Collections handled regularly and systematically. Partners/Managers/Staff freed from this function. Fewer accounts 'drift' from Current to 90days+. "Problem" accounts - handled professionally without legal costs. No contract.

Typical Results

“Our average collections on a month to month basis doubled. Our 90day+ component of our debtor book reduced by over 50% in 2 months.”

“Our cash flow improved dramatically. The bottom line is that it works for us and the job gets done systematically and efficiently.”

“After one month our 30-day debtors were reduced by 40% and our 60 days by 15%. Results far exceeded my expectations.”

“I have recommended Michael to a number of my clients in need of assistance with their cash flow and debtors management processes and systems . The clients have been delighted with the service and results achieved.”

About Us

Credit Flow Solutions is the trading name for OPS Global Pty Ltd. OPS stands for OnTime Payment Solutions. We are a company of Professional Accounts Receivable Managers focused solely on managing accounts receivables and reducing company’s debts.

The “Point of Difference” is that, at all times, your clients perceive us to be working from INSIDE your company. In other words, they never know that you have ‘outside people’ following up any late payments.

The simple (yet extremely effective and non-confrontational) process applied recovers account payments quickly, efficiently and painlessly. Our primary objective is to collect fee payments without damaging client goodwill and risking future valuable business.

OPS Global’s system was created by senior consultant Michael Todd who has been involved in the management of overdue accounts for over 30 years. He spent 10 years managing accounts in several finance companies before working for Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) to run their accounts receivable division in 1984.

Since forming his own company in 1986 he has continually refined and updated this system and now consults to enterprises all over Australia ranging from large government departments and professional service firms to independent schools down, small private firms and individual operators.

OPS Global enables any commercial enterprise to maximise their cash-flow by providing them with a fully qualified and accountable Credit Department, without the associated costs.

Contact Us

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