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Our E-Books

BOOK 1 - Chasing Slow Payers - 73 reminder templates for Professionals

This book lets you say exactly what you want to say, in the most effective way, in 2 minutes instead of 20.

No more writers block! Much, much easier than looking at a blank screen or piece of paper. These reminders have been tried and tested over many years in many professional service providers, and, simply put, they work!

BOOK 2 - Collecting School Fees - the 7 Step Process

This book shows the steps one Catholic College took to improve their collection rate from 79% to 106% in just one year.


  • the exact steps they took,
  • the wording they used in the Principal’s email to families,
  • their new School Fee And Levy Policy,
  • when and how the schools newsletter was used
  • … and much more.

BOOK 3 - Chasing Slow Payers - School-Specific Reminder Templates

One of the most important skills needed to get more school fees paid on time is knowing how, when and what to write in a “collection” email or letter.

Very hard to put one together “from scratch” but quick and easy to do so when you have something to model off. This book has 55 template reminders.

“I call them my letters for all occasions.”

BOOK 4 - The 6 Point Phone Call Checklist

Having problems getting people to call you back? This short e-book has several handy little tips that will solve this. :)