Premiere Food Service Puts You Center Stage

Corporate food service can achieve far more than a cost per plate; it can be the star of the show. And Premiere Food service is the comprehensive partner you need to set the stage.

Your dining and catering goals are met by us because we customize your plan. From consulting and designing your corporate facilities to delivering a fine dining experience to a board room full of your top customers.

Experience our commitment to making your food service a centerpiece for your organization.

To learn more, email us at or call us at 616-748-1700.

Services we provide:

  • Corporate Dining Center management
  • Executive Dining and Catering
  • Espresso and Smoothie Bars
  • Office Coffee and Vending
  • Gift Shops

Premiere believes that we are hired to manage your food service program. Premiere has a track record of taking the sub-par programs to the superb. This is done by listening to our clients, assessing the desired result, analyzing the change needed, and quickly implementing that change. The utmost urgency is granted to all client matters, demonstrating our commitment to the relationship. We pride ourself on communicating with clients effectively and appropriately.

Our Customer Care Pledge

We pledge to serve our customers with the finest selection of high quality products at the best possible value while maintaining the strictest food safety standards.

We pledge, as guests in your facility, to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, respect and cleanliness.

Our team members pledge to be active members of our communities, committed to having a positive influence on each other, our families, environment and those we meet each day.

Our customers can be assured that each of our team members is committed to the highest level of customer service, center stage, every day.

Contact us today: email or call 616-748-1700.

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