We Hope You're Hungry!

Fresh ingredients, dynamic menus with daily specials make dining at Central Christian College of Kansas delicious and remarkable. Your dining team focuses on high-quality options that are sustainable, safe, and nutritious.

Flavorful Food, Expertly Crafted

Whether it's a plant-centric dish based on the healthy eating principles of Menus of Change or a family recipe from home you share with our culinary team, your Creative Dining team strives to surprise and delight you with crave-able cuisine that reflects your dietary preferences and globally inspired curiosities.

More Than Food

We know that dining is more than just about the food - but rather a way for us to gather around the table, share ideas and build long-standing relationships. Get to know your culinary team as we love to create tried-and-true recipes and venture into a cuisine that is trending and adventurous. We are foodies at heart who are passionate about creating a memorable dining experience.

Pull up a chair!

Cafeteria Policies

  • Everyone is required to check in with the cashier on the way into the Caf. You will be required to produce a student ID to be admitted.

  • You may choose to eat in the Caf or to take a To Go Box. You may not choose both.

  • No food or drink is to leave the cafeteria unless in a To Go Box or your own reuseable beverage cup.

  • No dishes, forks, knives, spoons, or glasses are to be removed from the cafeteria.

  • One entree at a time, come back as many times as you would like.

  • Please eat what you take.

  • Please use serving utensils when dishing up your own food.

  • Inappropriate or abusive language will not be tolerated.

  • Treat other students and staff as you would like to be treated.

  • Fighting or throwing of anything is not allowed in the cafeteria.

  • Please dress appropriately. No cleats or muddy shoes. Shirts must have sleeves. Shorts no shorter than mid thigh. No visible mid section.

  • No cell phones while in line to be served.

  • Please leave your table cleaner than when you found it. Take dishes to the dish window, throw away all trash, and push in your chair

  • If you have a concern, please talk to the Food Service Director.