Do you love puzzles, logic problems and brain-teasers?

Johns Hopkins APL is recruiting people who love to solve puzzles, logic games, and analytic problems to participate in research studies exploring reasoning in groups.

New Challenges posted every Tuesday and Saturday!

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"Great minds often don’t think alike—that’s the power of crowdsourcing. CREATE tools will help analysts reason collaboratively and competitively—so that the strongest argument wins out."

Steven Rieber, PhD, IARPA CREATE Program Manager

How does CREATE work?

1. Join CREATE – Click a Join! button anywhere on this page.

2. Review and sign the Consent form – When you join, we'll send you a Consent form to read and "sign" online. The Consent form describes the research study and your rights as a participant. CREATE Research Studies are IRB approved [Johns Hopkins Medicine IRB00200712 | PIs: Kathleen Straub, PhD and Rebecca Rhodes, PhD.]

3. Get set up – After you sign the consent, you'll get a CREATE research study email and access to a CREATE Google Classroom. We use Google Classroom to post Challenges. Your classroom will have some background materials and example problems and answers. Your teammates will have access to the same classroom.

4. Look for Challenge Alerts – We will send invitations to new Challenges to everyone who has joined. Invitations describe the Challenge and when it starts and ends.

5. Participate in the Challenges – To join a specific Challenge, click "I'm in" on the invitation email. If you can't or don't want to participate, just ignore that invitation.

6. Solve the problems or puzzles – Work with your team to develop consensus answers and explain your reasoning.

7. Give us feedback – After each Challenge, we will ask for feedback about the problem, how you solved it, and the CREATE experience.

8. Track your team – We'll let you know how your team did on each Challenge. We will also post a scoreboard of the teams that are doing the most and the best. If your team submits a particularly well reasoned response, you may get extra recognition.

Help Johns Hopkins/APL study crowd-sourced reasoning.

How many Challenges will be posted?

We will post 2-3 new Challenges per week. Challenges will not overlap.

Will you remind me when new Challenges are starting?

Yes. We'll send reminders/invites when new Challenges are about to start. When you sign, we will send you a calendar of Challenges. We'll also post a schedule of Challenges in your team Classroom.

Do I have to participate in every Challenge?

No. You can do as many or as few challenges as you want to.

What's in it for me?

Everyone who participates will get a letter of appreciation from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, IARPA Program Director. Participants are, however, volunteers and there is no payment. By participating, you will contribute to groundbreaking scientific research on reasoning in groups. Insights from this research will shape the tools and processes that intelligence analysts may use in the future.

Who will I work with?

Most participants will be randomly assigned to a team when they join CREATE. You will work with the same team throughout the program.

Can I invite other people to join?

Absolutely! Use the social icons above to post to your favorite feed.

What will we learn from CREATE?

CREATE research studies will help us learn more about how people reason about complex problems, and how they communicate their reasoning to other people. We are particularly interested in how teams share and evaluate possible solutions, and collaborate to develop a common solution. Our findings will inform and shape the tools and processes that intelligence analysts use to develop and communicate their reasoning. Our goal is to help the Intelligence Community reason comprehensively and communicate clearly so that they can, in turn, help our policy makers and government leaders make better decisions.

Although this research is focused on helping the Intelligence Community, the same insights can also help other professionals who solve hard problems from incomplete evidence.

Who is funding this research?

The CREATE research studies are funded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity.

What if I still have questions?

Send questions to

Contribute to cutting-edge research on reasoning in groups.