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Mr. Woelke

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Welcome, I teach many subjects at a high school and middle school level at CRCS. I've lived in Campbell River with my wife Jennifer and three children for the past four years and I look forward to serving our community and children for many more to come. If you need to connect to a specific course page, I've left links below to connect with Google Classroom.

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To reach grade 10 social studies page click HERE.

To reach grade 12 law page click HERE.

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Face to face education is suspended by order of the government, however education resumes. The education is not optional; students are expected to attend and participate if they are healthy enough to do so.

Our expectations tactics and strategies will adjust to meet the needs of students and families. Let your needs be known.

Parents, the links above are to Google Classroom pages. Students have been given access to these pages via a specialized code. I can give this code to any parent or guardian that makes a request. Please E-mail me using the address above if you want to access the class pages in addition to your student. You will also receive assignment instructions and due date alerts.