Miss Boudreau's Grade Two

Welcome to Grade 2

Teacher: Miss Boudreau

Room Number 107

Email: s.boudreau@crcs.bc.ca

Hello, and welcome to our Grade 2 class. This year we are focusing on building our Reading and Writing skills. We strive to do our very best in these and all areas. As we transition our learners into the higher grades, these are the foundational skills that will help our learners in the future.

We are using Seesaw and Zoom to support our distance learning platform. Please use the Seesaw link below to go to our class Seeaw page.

Zoom Number: 655-804-9617

Zoom Availiblity:

Weekdays from 1:30 pm - 3 pm

Forest Program

Our students have greatly benefited from our school's forest program that takes place everyday throughout Kindergarten and Grade 1. As second grades we are transitioning into a more academic program however the value of play is intrinsic and we will continue to participate in this program (on our own) two days a week.

OCean THeme

Second graders are still so curious about the world around them and God has created a wonderful world for us to explore. Right now we are looking and exploring the world through an ocean lens. This theme will continue throughout the year and be brought into our various subject areas.