CRCS Computer Lab

Our technology program is designed to help student learning by adding technology access and rigor to their daily education. We use different forms of technology to connect our students to a world beyond the Cedar Riverside Community. Our websites and resources emphasizes reading, character development, mathematics, and test preparation. Websites are only approved for school use if they are safe, educational, and fun.

Mr. Maxwell Donsker

"Mr. Max" is our school's Technology Coordinator, District Assessment Coordinator, and Technology Teacher. He has worked in education for over 16 years. This is his 2nd year at Cedar Riverside Community School.

Literacy and Typing

In computer lab, our goal is to improve digital reading and comprehension skills. Students will access online libraries and reading activities, with and without audio support. As they progress, students will try more in depth keyboarding programs to improve typing skills. Starting in 5th grade, students will use collaborative technologies, like remote peer editing. Students will compare and contrast different safe online news sources and learn to cite websites correctly by using references in writing.

Math and Coding

All grades will learn to access new math online resources for personal growth and teacher guided instruction. Students are encouraged to use math videos to review concepts. Each class will access websites and resources geared towards their grade level activities. Students will also expand their information fluency using computers. All grades will improve their coding abilities through established programs and websites. We also discuss digital and practical applications for different technologies.

Character Building and World Connections

All grades learn about Internet safety, and what are safe educational websites. Starting in 5th grade we work on preventing cyber bullying. Students will start discussing topics like 'global digital citizenship' and visiting more of the world through computers and other technologies. Everyone will play grade appropriate games and activities designed to make them better global citizens and gain a greater understanding of other cultures. Students will learn to use computers for character development.

This is what the MCA test questions look like.

Can be used with or without password. Ask teacher for user names or to get homework.

3rd-8th grade. Some free videos and quizzes. The rest we watch in school.

K-3rd grade. Some free videos and quizzes. The rest we watch in school.

An online library for Pre-K- 8th grade. Ask a teacher for the password.

Free online typing site with years worth of lessons.

A popular pre K-2nd Grade reading website.

12 typing lessons for 2nd- 8th grade.

Website that teaches kids how to prepare for a disaster.

Pre-K -5th grade typing games. Just type in the word 'Keyboarding' into the search box.

Quiz yourself in Math, Vocabulary, Geography, and Science.

Answer questions correctly, and feed the hungry.

A world culture geography game. Can you figure out where you are?

A non profit coding website for 8-16 year's old. Making coding fun!

Explore the world and your own community through maps and images.

A non profit coding website, with lessons for K-12th grade.

Translate any two languages, including Spanish, English, and Somali.

K-5 coding games and lessons.

Lots of shows and games with educational themes.

Simple Coding game from Google and Scratch.

K-5th grade website. Most games are educational. Safe website.

Lot of ads, but all educational games.

PreK-8th grade. Stay on Math and Reading areas only!

Reading website with teacher assigned work and quizzes. Ask teacher for username.

A safe, fun website for kids. 4th grade and up. Has some educational activities, please don't ignore them.

Website connects to math and reading textbooks. Ask a teacher for a username.

Free Dr.Seuss themed website. Games, videos, books.

Some free activities. Other activities a teacher needs to create an account to use. Connects to MN standards.

Simple Math and Literacy games.

Math, Reading, and Spelling website. Can use with or without an account.

Website teaches you about Dinosaurs.

Free Trail. The school has used it in the past to improve reading.

The physics that make amusement park rides work.

Coding activity for 4th grade and higher. Learn to code using the characters from Gumball.

Common questions kids ask, that get answered! Good non fiction source.

Safe news website for students.

Safe news and book review website.

K-6 science news website.

Excellent, safe, news website. Need username and password from a teacher.

Great non fiction source, with stories that can be adapted based on reading level.

Online library of books written in a students home language.

Educational You Tube channel devoted to student learning. 5th-12th grade.

Free typing/ car racing game.

You Tube channel with videos on History, Sci-Fi, Mythology, and video game design.

You Tube channel about science, history, and health. 4th grade and up.