Has your tenancy gone to Hell?

Crash Hell package


Tenants from HELL?

  • Has your tenant stopped paying rent?
  • Have they trashed your house?
  • Are you managing yourself and have a Gumtree tenant?

Agents from HELL?

  • Has your property manager given up?
  • No follow-up with your "Hell" Tenant and now it has all gotten out of hand?

There is light at the end of the tunnel

We will

  • Assist with terminating the current agent.
  • We clear arrears where possible and get tenancies back on track.
  • Terminate tenancies.
  • Clean and repair the property.
  • Place your property back on the rental market.
  • Source a good tenant.
  • Manage your good tenancy.

Fees during this difficult time

  • 14% of collections including gst, including everything
  • No additional agency fees

Once you are back on track


  • Management fees during the "Hell" Tenancy is on gross collections including GST.
  • Management fees revert back to our All-inclusive package once a new tenant is sourced.
  • TICA Landlord Insurance Plus+ and TICA Building Insurance packages are not available while the "Hell" Tenancy is still in the property. Afterwards these packages become available to you.