Property Management


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Try our 2 Page Management Agreement

  • No Lock-in periods
  • No confusing legal terms
  • Simple, painless, easy to understand
  • Complete freedom
  • Property Management your way
  • Free services

Discounted fees without compromising on service.

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TICA is the leading tenancy database in Australia. They also provide fantastic landlord and property insurance underwritten by St George.

TICA also have building insurance. To date, every quote we have received from them has been better than previous insurance our Owners have taken up.

  • Weekly
  • 15th of the month
  • 25th of the month
  • Save around $35,000 over the life of your loan
  • Where we advertise.
  • What works.
  • Where should you spend your money.

Our research shows 75% of tenants that are forcibly evicted through the bailiff have priors for drugs, break-and-enters, and other violent crimes. Protect your investment.

Beware cheap agents

  • There is a difference between cheap agents and discounted fees.
  • We provide discounted packages to the right Owners for the right Properties.

The best of both worlds

Project Management

  • Process and KPI driven project management.
  • Without having to call a different person every time you need something.

Personal Service

  • The personal service you want.
  • None of the drawbacks like things being missed.