Crash Realty

Clients First, Profits Last

The Best Service at the Best Price

Butler to Rockingham

Crash Realty is a Perth based real estate agency managing properties from Butler to Rockingham.

Discounted Fees

We offer discounted package to Owners discounting fees without compromising service.

Real Management

Thanks to our advanced task management systems we are able to remove bloat, double-ups, and missed jobs, reducing fees while improving customer services.

Why Crash Realty

The Best of Both Worlds

Personal service backed by a Professional Team

Project Management

  • Process and KPI driven project management.
  • Without having to call a different person every time you need something.

Personal Service

  • The personal service you want.
  • None of the drawbacks like things being missed.

Discounted Vs Cheap

Beware Cheap Agents

  • There is a difference between cheap agents and discounted fees.
  • We provide discounted packages to the right Owners for the right Properties.