Cranford Public Schools

Referendum Exploration Steering Committee

The CPSD Referendum Exploration Steering Committee, a community-wide stakeholder group serves to inform, guide and, ultimately, shape a referendum. This initial planning will consider funding for proposed enhancements including:

      • full-day Kindergarten
      • increased educational support spaces
      • science lab (CHS) upgrades
      • modernization of library/multimedia centers to support 21st Century STEM programs
      • technology upgrades
      • enhanced performing arts spaces
      • improved accessibility and options
      • installation of AC in gyms, cafeterias, and performing arts spaces
      • electrical service upgrades (all schools except for WAS which has already been upgraded)
      • door (interior) and window replacements, including hardware
      • repaving, masonry and concrete repairs

In order to assist in this process, the District has partnered with TMI, the same company that facilitated the strategic planning process. We thought it would be helpful to have a third party lead the process and since we received such tremendously positive feedback from all members who participated in the strategic planning process, we have asked TMI to facilitate the Referendum Exploration Steering Process as well, including helping to select the Referendum Exploration Steering Committee Members.

We received approximately 160 responses to our inquiry asking for interested community members. The overall quality and extensive contributions to the community represented across the information provided was beyond impressive; Cranford is truly a community that cares. Needless to say, this also made the selection of individual participants extremely challenging. In the end, participants were selected based on ensuring full representation of the community, geographically and ideologically, with preference given to those who are in leadership positions and those actively involved in the community.

Here is the list of individuals who make up the Referendum Exploration Steering Committee:

Christopher Acosta

Daniel Aschenbach

Richard Belluscio

Peter Billows

Christopher Chapman

Frederic Faulkner

Lisa Ford

Patrick Giblin

Christine Hoffman

Richard Hurley

Jessica Kelly

Marcy Kielczynski

Michael Klimko

Rita LaBrutto

Matthew Lubin

Colleen McDonald

Tracy McSweeney

Stacy Nick

Patricia Pavlak

David Pringle

Vicki Priscoe-Spurr

Amy Saccone

Nicole Savino Mulcahy

Megan Scanielo

Susan Shaw

Sharon Steele

Lauren Whitmore

Andrea Yurcision

Mark Zucker

These individuals join the following at-large members who will provide assistance and resources throughout the process: Scott Rubin, Superintendent; Brian Heineman, Assistant Superintendent; Robert Carfagno, Business Administrator; Kurt Petschow, Board President; Lisa Carbone, Board Vice-President. Please note that the committee will also include student representation.

Although the committee will help steer the referendum process, there will be additional opportunities for those individuals who volunteered, but unfortunately, were not selected for the steering committee, as well as for the general public to be involved in the process. Please also know that agendas and minutes of the meetings will be released publicly so that everyone can be a part of the process.