Reimagining Cranford Public Schools

Why are we having this conversation?

Cranford's reputation as a caring, supportive, and student-focused community is well-deserved. Additionally, by many measures, it is clear that Cranford Public School District is high performing. Nevertheless, our goal should always be to work collaboratively to find ways to enhance our programs and provide even greater opportunities to our students.

Providing students with full-day kindergarten is something that has been requested by the Cranford community for many years. A full-day program would provide important benefits for our students. You can read about some of the benefits here: Research.

Currently, over 92% of the districts in NJ offer students full-day kindergarten and a bill requiring New Jersey school districts to provide full-day kindergarten was introduced last year.

While exploring full-day kindergarten options, the idea to Reimagine Cranford Public Schools emerged. Not only would the proposal provide full-day kindergarten in a fiscally responsible way, it additionally addresses many topics that have been repeatedly brought up by various stakeholder groups, specifically, ideas related to providing students with appropriate, enhanced, and similar educational experiences, and a Comprehensive Middle School .

Many stakeholders have identified that many offerings are not taking place in the appropriate spaces, i.e. in some schools students are receiving basic skills instruction, occupational therapy / physical therapy, and speech in the same room at the same time! Additionally, not all students are provided with the same opportunities.

At the middle school level, stakeholders have discussed the desire for more offerings and greater focus on the academic and social-emotional needs of students which can be provided through a comprehensive middle school model. Click here to learn about the benefits of each of the aforementioned topics.

The District believes that all community members working together to shape a final proposal will ensure all perspectives and ideas are considered, valued, and focused on our children, and will, ultimately, ensure the pathway chosen will be best for the children of Cranford and our community at large.