Fine Arts


Diane Sideris, Hillside Avenue School

Samantha Berk, Orange Avenue School


8th Grade Course Offerings


Individually or in cooperative groups, students will engage daily in creative activities that require problem solving, critical thinking and individual expression. Through advanced studio experiences in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts and computer graphics, students will develop their understanding of the visual arts, aesthetics, art history and art criticism. The main focus of this course is to acquire a deeper understanding of the visual arts and to develop individual creativity and more sophisticated art making skills. The art cycle course prepares the student for a lifelong appreciation of art as a producer, consumer and/or advocate. In addition, it provides a solid foundation for continued studies in the visual arts.


In this course students will have the opportunity to enhance their visual design skills & creativity while making some cross-curricular connections (math & literacy), and becoming technologically savvy (beyond posting photos on social media).The visual arts offer a perfect component in the school curriculum to enhance technological literacy- as part of a STEAM curriculum. The technological, graphic design, and visual communication skills students will learn from this course will prepare them for more complex software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and CAD courses offered at CHS, and beyond. As future employees, students will need a combination of visual design ability and technological literacy for those sectors of commercial art, marketing, advertising, and entertainment that seek ever-talented employees with creative design skills.


The Drawing and Painting course is designed to further investigate drawing and painting techniques. Students will build on their experiences in 7th grade art and continue to develop a deeper understanding of both techniques by experimenting with various drawing and painting materials. Students will first concentrate on their drawing skills to reinforce the fundamentals of drawing. Later in the course, students will focus on various painting methods that touch on traditional and contemporary painting theories. Students will not only better their drawing and painting skills, but will also develop their observational and analytical skills as they reflect and critique famous drawings and paintings as well as their peers’ artwork.