Cranberry Jr. Sr. High School

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Interest Letter.pdf

Position Volunteer, which means you will be holding an unpaid position that has direct contact with children. Prior to Board Approval, each volunteer must complete the following steps:

1. Complete the Volunteer Interest Form and send into the high school office. The coach or adviser will be in touch with you. Once the coach/adviser has contacted you and submitted your name to the principal, you must then complete steps 2-5 before you can volunteer.

2. Obtain the necessary clearances - Act 34 clearance, Act 151 clearances, and/or Act 114 FBI Clearance or Residency Affidavit if you have resided Pennsylvania for the last 10 years (Act 34 and Act 151 are free for volunteers)

2. Complete the following forms Volunteer Checklist, Volunteer Affirmation of Residency-Disclosure Statement and Student Privacy Statement

3. Submit clearances and completed forms to the high school office

4. If volunteer interest is in an Athletic Sport, you must complete both Cardiac Arrest training and Concussion training. Otherwise, you may skip this step.

5. Board Approval