Counselor Introduction

Ask your student what they learned in counselor class this week!

If they need help remembering, here's an outline of my lessons.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Potato Head as a School Counselor

Eyes: I see problems as they're happening

Ears: I listen closely to students, teachers, and families

Hands: I love to help whenever I can

Mouth: I won't tell anyone what we talk about unless it is to keep you safe

Bag of tricks: I have lots of strategies to help kids be problem solvers

First Grade: Rainbow Fish and The School Counselor

Students heard the story Rainbow Fish and how each piece of the story relates to school counseling. Your school counselor can:

  • Help you make and keep friends
  • Help you when you are sad or mad
  • Help you solve problems that are too big for you to solve by yourself

Second Grade: A School Counselor's Toolbox

Toolbox: I've got lots of tools to help kids solve small problems and big problems

Paper heart: I care about all of my students

Bandaid: I help with all kinds of hurt - Talk about the difference between body hurt and heart hurt

Hammer: It takes hard work and the right tools to solve problems. But we can do it!

Hats: I wear lots of different hats at Two Mile, which means I do lots of different jobs here. But my most important jobs are to keep you safe and help you learn

Third and Fourth Grade: Design your own School Counseling Superhero

School counselors can do a lot of things! What would your ideal school counselor be able to do?

Be kind: Listen to students and help them solve big problems

Be a helper: I love to help kids be successful at school and in life. Let me know what's stopping you from being successful and we'll try to fix it together

Super sight: I try to see when students look sad or mad and ask them about their day

Problem solver: I don't know all the answers, but I bet if we work together we can solve the problem!

Fifth Grade: Counselor is My Bag!

I love being a school counselor. I brought my bag filled with all the things I love about my job. Here are a few of them:

  • Glasses: I try to see when students are upset. I help them know why they're upset and how to fix it.
  • Hammer: Sometimes it takes hard work to solve big problems, but we can do it together
  • Magic 8 Ball: I can help you decide what you want to be when you grow up - and help you know how to get there
  • Ear: I listen to all of my students
  • Notebook: I keep tons of ideas about how to solve small problems and big problems. I also learn new ideas every day. Let's work together!