Where Can I Use My Scholarship?

The Missouri Department of Higher Education provides a list of participating schools; however, it has been my experience, as an A+ Coordinator, that this list is not updated on a frequent basis. I suggest that you contact schools of interest and ask them if they are participating in the program. Nevertheless, click here to review the list that is posted on their website.

The University of Missouri and Truman State programs are prime examples of opportunities not listed on their website (See Below).

Other colleges offer incentive scholarships up to $1500 per semester. It is important to remember that these scholarships are offered by the colleges themselves and are NOT funded by the A+ Scholarship Program. These institutions may or may not be offered at anytime.

Here is a list of some of the schools that have offered scholarships because of your effort to earn the A+ Scholarship:

Our A+ Coordinator is always looking to update Battle High School's scholarship list. If you discover an institution that offers a scholarship due to a student's A+ eligibility please contact our A+ Coordinator.