Enrollment Information

Your A+ Coordinator's office is in room G204. There he/she has copies of the A+ Application.

Currently, Mr. Crane is your A+ Coordinator.


573 214-3300 ext. 38446

His assistant can be reached at ext. 38442.

Your guidance counselor is also an excellent resource if you have questions about scholarship opportunities and the admissions process for colleges and universities.

Enrollment Information

The enrollment process is very simple. Your A+ coordinator has an application that you will want to read, record a few basic items about yourself on the form, and provide a signature that indicates you understand what you must do to qualify for the financial incentive.

To obtain a copy of the application you can either go to the Forms You May Want to Download and print a copy of the application, Click Here to complete the form digitally or ask the school's A+ Coordinator for a copy of the application.

Applications must be accepted by the school's A+ Coordinator before November 15th of the student's senior year. Keep in mind you must have been enrolled in an A+ designated school for a minimum of 2 years.