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The New York Times Upfront is a newsmagazine aimed at high school students. It is published every three weeks during the school year. The articles include a mix of current events, US and world news, science news, historic retrospectives, and Yes-No debate articles. Most articles also include a variety of worksheets to help you create a whole lesson or sub plan. The articles below are listed by subject, and you will need to sign in with your school Google account to view them. Please see Ms. Tarr if you have any questions.

Generic Worksheets for use with most NYT Upfront Articles

Each article below is linked directly to its location within the archive. There is also a date listed after each article - it is in the format "Year, Month, Day" and can be located within the larger NYT Upfront Archive.

English Language Arts

Atomic Bomb (Hiroshima)

Romeo & Juliet








Social Studies


These are all new enough to include worksheets, listed in publication order - the archive includes many more that are article only.

Additionally, there is a separate folder for the history articles that lists them all chronologically.

Justice and Legal Issues

Current Events and News

US News

World News