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The Chicopee Public Schools Secondary Library programs support the missions and goals of the Chicopee Public Schools by creating a safe and nurturing environment that fosters the development of 21st Century Skills and personal growth. Through collaboration with our community of students, educators, support staff, parents, and administrators, we strive to provide opportunities for all students to read for pleasure and to become effective users of information. Our students will have the information literacy skills necessary to identify, locate, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of sources, in order to construct and ethically share knowledge to make meaningful contributions to the global community.


Congratulations to all of the homerooms who accepted the challenge and got all of your library materials turned in on time! Students from the following homerooms have earned an invitation to watch Wonder in the auditorium on June 14th during Blocks E and F...

The Owls Team-Rooms 102,105,111,109

The Pride Team-Rooms 203, 205, 207, 209

The Lancers Team-Rooms 216, 218A, 218B, 219


Homeroom #s 113, 117, 125, 106, 110, 202, 213, 224, 226, 227, 210, 223, 124a, 124b, 114, 118, 220, 221, 121

Meet the Librarians!

Mrs. Parent and Mrs. Kempesty

Spirit week, library style!

Prep for the Test!

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MAYbe you should check out one of our gardening books, and see if you have a green thumb!

May's feature is all about gardens, plants and all of the cute things that can be found among the colors of Spring!

Bellamy Celebrates National Poetry Month

Stop by the Poetry Creation Stations throughout the library to write your own poetry throughout the month of April!

Bellamy's Blind Date With Book

Throughout the month of February, students were offered the opportunity to choose a book not by it's cover, but by what it was all about. Hopefully they found some new adventures to enjoy through their "blind dates"!

March is Women's History Month!

Stop in and check out one of the many biographies we have, and learn something new about a wonderful woman and how she made history!