CPSC Summer Learning

CPSC is committed to providing Summer Learning Resources to our Families. Our new Summer Learning Page will give you access to daily and monthly student learning activities in all major learning areas for your child. Our Anti-Racist Readings and Resources have been added for you as we partner to build our students and communities anti-racist skills and mindsets.

We are doing all we can to

  • Keep it Consistent

  • Keep it Simple

  • Keep it Doable

  • Keep it Up

Our Summer Break is longer and learning loss will be greater. These resources provide a path for you and your child to learn a little bit each day to continue their social, emotional, and academic development and growth.

CPSC Will...

Provide support resources over the break

Communicate to keep you informed

Offer remote activities for engagement around, music, yoga, chess and zumba in July

Return to Learn August 19, 2020

Parents Will...

Create time for child to engage with resources

Provide a structure that is flexible and consistent

Ask questions

Students Will...

Take time to use the resources over the break

Become more intrinsic learners

Be consistent with daily practice by using online resources

Work on both math and reading sections

Read Daily over the summer break

How to Navigate This Site

Technology Help

If you are experiencing problems with any technology, please email tech@cpsfc.org or fill out this form. Chris or Todd will get back to you as soon as possible.