LLA Soccer


Semi-Final WGG Tournament:

Monday, 10 June 2019

7/8 vs Bell

4:00 PM Game Time

At Lake View High School

Season Party:

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

4:00-5:30 PM in 202

SEason Schedule


We expect that all athletes who make the team to commit to scheduled practices and matches. Playing time will be determined by the athlete's commitment to the team and their attitude on and off the field.

Practice Schedule:

We will practice on Wednesdays from 4:15-5:45 PM on weeks with one scheduled match.

  • Wed 5/22

See map below for practice field location.

Practice Tips

  • Come prepared with proper attire and equipment, especially a soccer ball if you own one. Be prepared to practice in the rain and in the cold.
  • Give your full attention and best effort during practices.
  • Be a kind and supportive teammate: communicate with teammates and your coaches using encouraging words.
  • Be a leader and a positive role model on and off the pitch.
  • Work on fundamentals: dribbling, trapping, passing, shooting, and defending. TRAIN BOTH FEET.
  • Learn your position and the rules of the game. Know where to be, and your role ... we win and lose as a team.
  • Have fun but be safe.


Throughout the soccer season, we will primarily communicate with parents and athletes through email and this website. Important: If we need to cancel or delay a match last-minute due to inclement weather, we will notify parents using the Remind app, which will distribute messages to your cell phones. We ask all parents to register for the current season's distribution list using the following link:

Class Name: 2019 LaSalle Girls Soccer

Class Code: @cba738

Game Day Preparation

  1. Athletes should come to school with their personal gear, team uniform, and water. The league requires athletes to wear proper footwear and shin guards. Big Chicago Soccer League Rules and Regulations
  2. Athletes should be prepared for the weather, including the possibility of rain and cool temperatures. We encourage athletes to bring a jacket and pants to keep warm on the sidelines.
  3. If an athlete is carpooling with another family, our school requires a written permission note from the athlete's parent.
  4. Matches begin at 4:30 PM with the 5th-6th team playing first and the 7th-8th team to follow. Each game consists of two 25-minute periods.
  5. Transportation:
    • LaSalle will not provided transportation to either home or away matches. It is the responsibility of parents to arrange a ride for their child to and from all matches.
    • On match days, there will be early dismissal from classes at 3:45 PM for the 5th-6th team and for 7th-8th siblings .
  6. We ask athletes to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of each match for a quick warm up and a team meeting.

Practice Field Location

Athlete, Parent, and Coach Expectations


  • Coaches provide a fun learning environment.
  • Coaches are prepared and on time for practices and matches.
  • Coaches work towards the development of the team and each individual athlete.
  • Coaches promote good sportsmanship and lead by example.
  • Coaches hold athletes accountable for good sportsmanship and attendance at practices and matches.
  • Coaches provide fair and honest feedback.
  • Coaches maintain good communication with parents and athletes.


  • Athletes exemplify good sportsmanship.
  • Athletes are courteous and respectful of their teammates, coaches, officials, and opponents.
  • Athletes arrive at practices and matches on time and with proper attire and equipment.
  • Athletes work hard to help improve their soccer skills and understanding of the game.
  • Athletes dedicate their full attention during practices and matches.
  • Athletes carry exceptional grades while distinguishing themselves in sport.
  • Athletes regularly check their email for email correspondences and our soccer website for updated information and news.
  • Athletes maintain good communication with coaches and teammates.
  • Athletes meet the academic, attendance, and behavior eligibility criteria established by LaSalle.


  • Parents exemplify good sportsmanship.
  • Parents support the whole team by cheering "Go, LaSalle!", rather than singling out individual athletes.
  • Parents refrain from yelling instructions from the sideline. We kindly ask parents to watch matches from the sideline opposite the athletes and coaching staff.
  • Parents support and recognize the value and importance of LaSalle volunteers, coaching staff, league referees, and officials.
  • Parents ensure that athletes are dropped off and picked up on time.
  • Parents regularly check their email for email correspondences and our soccer website for updated information and news.
  • Parents maintain good communication with coaches and notify both Mr. Choi and Mr. Gilmore via email if their child cannot attend a practice or match due to a conflict or emergency. Please contact us with enough time for us to make alternate arrangements.

Team Spirit: LaSalle Soccer Theme Song

Parent Volunteers

We are always in need of volunteers to help during the season, especially with:

  • Carpooling
  • Setting up our pitch on match days, including goal nets, corner cones, and field lines
  • Side line referees

While the coaches are not directly involved in carpooling, parents will be able to contact each other and make carpooling arrangements using the Remind app. If an athlete is carpooling with another family, our school requires a written permission note from the athlete's parent.

If you would like to volunteer to set up our pitch on match days, please email Mr. Choi or Mr. Gilmore at ychoi@cps.edu ajgilmore2@cps.edu.