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Walter L. Newberry

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Established 1858
CPS Math & Science Magnet since 1981

Leaders Grow Here!

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As a Leader in Me school, we believe the following:

  • Everyone can be a leader.

  • Change starts with me.

  • Everyone has genius.

  • Educators empower students to lead their own learning.

  • Develop the whole person.

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School Calendar

Please note that calendar dates are subject to change occasionally. We will make sure updates are made with sufficient time and notification.

State of the School

The recording of SY22's State of the School for your viewing pleasure.

Newberry | SY22 State of the School Address

State of the School

The deck that was presented during the SY22's State of the School.

What if my child is sick?

Follow the flow chart to the right if your child isn't feeling well or is displaying any covid-like symptoms.


Dear Newberry Parents & Guardians,

Thermo Fisher Scientific is working in partnership with Chicago Public Schools-OSHW/COVID Response and Color Health's technology platform to perform Covid 19 tests of students and staff. The information below details our school’s upcoming COVID 19 testing date and time.

The Testing Team will begin testing at Newberry Academy on 10/1/2021 at 8:00:00 AM CST. This link will direct you to the CPS Staff and Student COVID 19 Testing Registration landing page where parents and guardians will select Newberry and register your child for COVID 19 10/1 testing date.

The Parent, Educator and External Partner Guide

Here is the Parent, Educator, and External Partner Guide. In this guide you will find all of the answers to your questions regarding health protocols, academics and attendance. For each topic there is a section of what this means for parents and for the educators so you can see both perspectives and teachers and parents have the same information. You can find more information about school's opening on this website: www.cps.edu/b2s

*Important* Registration Information found on

📞 CPS Student Transportation Department - 773-553-2860

Newberry Academy Informational Session
Newberry Enrollment Flyer.pdf

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Parent Tech Support Help Center

The CPS Parent Tech Support Help Center can be accessed via their website or by calling 773-417-1060

Photograph of Walter L. Newberry circa 1860s

Newberry Math & Science School History

Leadership Quilt created by all our students in 2016