8th Grade Algebra

Algebra for Middle Grades

Students enrolled in Algebra for Middle grades are preparing for placement in an Advanced Placement Mathematics track upon entering high school. Most CPS high schools use the Algebra Exit Exam as well as a placement test to assist in determining where to place students. Students take the Algebra Exit Exam near the end of the school year, typically after the Washington D.C. field trip.


Common Core Mathematics 8th Grade Standards

Common Core Mathematics Standards specific to the Algebra Exit Exam

Grading and Expectations

Homework is assigned almost daily. Typically 1-2 IXL assignments are due each week. Almost all communication is done through Google Classroom. Additional details about the course are below.

Algebra 1 Syllabus 2016-2017

Contact: Email: bjbatchelor@cps.edu Phone: (773)534-7879 x61202