Purpose: This site is for community members of our school to receive updates about projects, happenings and homework for each grade level in Spanish class and with ESL students.

Homework: There is no required homework for Kinder through 2nd grade Spanish class. However, it helps a great deal to reinforce learning at home. Approximately once per month, students have formal assessments based on our current topic vocabulary. I suggest practicing with files and links from this site for at least 15 minutes per day. Each week, students are given words/phrases/videos or songs to practice our current topic, listed under the grade level.

How Long It Takes to Learn Spanish in the Classroom.pdf
Supporting Your Language Learner.pdf

Current essential question across all grade levels this month:

How are we connected to the Spanish-speaking community around us?

Cultural focus:


Caribbean (currently)

Central America, South America, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Spain (future)

Study the map to get ready for the class game "Cruza el Mundo." http://www.yourchildlearns.com/online-atlas/mexico-map.htm

Readings about el Caribe (Carribbean: Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic)

Vamos a Mexico_Completo.pdf

To Rotate the Reading File : Open PDF in the Google Drive viewer. Click on the Print button (or Ctrl + p ) Click on the Cancel button (or Esc ) Right click on the PDF and choose Rotate Clockwise.

Kindergarten- jardin de infancia

Previous weeks: greetings

This week: colors,

Future weeks: numbers, shapes, days of the week, months, seasons, weather, body, clothes, family,sleep words,size, likes, locations, prepositions, good/bad,clean/dirty, directions, house

basic vocabulary.pdf
sonrisas q and a.pdf
end of year review.pdf

Assignment By Grade Level

1st- primero

Our focus this year is greeting others and exchanging personal information, describing everyday activities, indicating relationships and specifying colors, identifying quantities of objects, telling time and specifying days of the week.

Unit: describing everyday activities

everyday activities.pdf

2nd- segundo

Our focus this year is describing people and things, defining and asking about family relationships, indicating ownership and possession, expressing age and physical states, describing daily activities at home and school.

Unit: defining and asking about family relationships


3rd- trecero

Our focus this year is expressing likes and dislikes, describing basic actions and places in our community, expressing knowledge and familiarity, talking about the weather, describing leisure activities, plans and intentions.

Unit: El Libro Perdido

Libro Perdido Vocabulario.pdf
libro perdido ch3.pdf

4th- cuarto

Our focus this year is describing feature of a home, talking about furniture and appliances, making commands, stating locations and shopping, describing feelings and actions in progress.

Unit:stating locations and shopping

page 82.pdf
page 79.pdf
page 80.pdf
page 72.pdf

5th- quinto

Our focus this year is identifying parts of the body, describing daily routines and practices, talking about what you just finished doing, talking about illness and health conditions, pointing out people and things and describing their conditions.

Unit: describing daily routines and practices

page 69.pdf
page 72.pdf

6th- sexto

Our focus this year is talking about food and beverages, making comparisons, ordering food from a restaurant, describing present events in detail, understanding how to conjugate verbs in the present tense.

Unit: Talk about food and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner

menu project.pdf

7th- septimo 8th- octavo Electives Resources

The 4 electives this year are Advanced Spanish Structures, Film, Travel Lingo, and Penpals.

top 32 Spanish verb forms (1).pdf
top 32 Spanish verb forms past.pdf
top 100 Spanish words.pdf
Fast Talk Spanish.pdf
Spanish Grammar.pdf

Flip Grid

code: qlq7kn

Additional Resources- Mas Recursos

circumlocution useful phrases.pdf

La Musica

k-5 https://rockalingua.com

6-8 http://zachary-jones.com/zambombazo/panorama-musical/

Los Juegos- Games

http://es.akinator.com/ (Make sure you set to Spanish.)


https://esp.brainpop.com/ skinnernorth booksrfun

New ESL Resources



http://www.esl-lab.com/ (Links to an external site.)

This online listening lab (Links to an external site.) is a resource for listening exercises.


http://www.rewordify.com/Links to an external site.

This site allows ELL students (or teachers of ELLs) to simply text from a reading, test/quiz, or just about anything by copy and pasting the text into the site.

https://www.newsy.com/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Newsy.com helps people understand the latest news going on in the world. The site concentrates on describing the news and the vocabulary associated with it while showing a video that helps with the understanding in a clip from 42 seconds to over 1 minute rather than creating a news story.


https://www.englishcentral.com/videos (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This resource is geared toward older students that allows students to read transcripts and monitor pronunciation. It also gives multiple choice quizzes on word definitions and can track progress. It has a ton of videos that reinforce reading, listening, and speaking skills simultaneously.


http://writingcenter.unc.edu/faculty-resources/tips-on-teaching-esl-students/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This website is a simplified version of basic ESL teaching strategies designed by the writing center of the University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill.