Mrs. Quagliano

Room 202

Second Grade

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Our reading series is Scott Foresman Reading Street.

Unit Two: Working Together

Essential Questions:How can we work together to help each other in dangerous situations?

How has working together changed history?

Each week students will be assigned spelling words and skills. Spelling tests will be Friday of each week and Reading tests will be Thursday of each week. Students will not be tested on the reading stories from the week, but rather the skills taught.


Topic 2- Work with equal groups

2.1- even and odd numbers

2.2 continue even and odd numbers

2.3 use arrays to find totals

2.4 make arrays to find totals

2.5 math practices and problem solving


Foss Science is a very hands on curriculum. Students participate in class investigations and labs weekly.

Focus Questions:

What does it mean when something spins?

What does it mean when something rolls?

In addition to Foss Science, we also have Mystery Science as a supplement this year.

Social Studies

Unit 1--Neighborhoods Today

Chapter 1: Neighborhoods are for Living

Chapter 2: Neighborhoods Change

Vocabulary: map, map key, mountains, oceans, plains, rivers, compass rose

SEL Focus of the Month:


This October we are focusing on unlocking the keys to strong communication! Our six keys are be positive, speak clearly, explain how you feel, listen as much as you speak, be polite, and use kind words. Students will be practicing communication scenarios in class. Everyone can try out these important keys to strong communication at home in practice and in real life situations! Ask your child to demonstrate one key of strong communication this month.

Writer's Workshop

We will write personal narratives and "small moments" in writer's workshop.


We will be working on nouns and contractions