Mrs. Quagliano

Room 202

Second Grade

Please see below for remote learning lessons this week.

Remote Learning 202 June 8 - 12


Our reading series is Scott Foresman Reading Street.

Unit Three: Creative Ideas

Essential Questions:How can Creative ideas help solve problems?

Each week students will be assigned spelling words and skills. Spelling tests will be Friday of each week.

Reading tests will be Thursday of each week. Students will not be tested on the reading stories from the week, but rather the skills taught. Students will be given a "freshread" and be asked to answer comprehension questions based on that story.


Topic 7

Fluently Subtract Within 100

7-1 Represent Addition and Subtraction Problems

7-2 Mixed Practice: Solve Addition and Subtraction Problems

7-3 Continue Practice with Addition and Subtraction Problems

7-4 Solve Two-Step Problems

7-5 Continue to Solve Two-Step Problems

7-6 Math Practices and Problem Solving: Reasoning


Air and Weather

Weather- What is weather?

What is weather forecasting?

What is temperature?

What are clouds?

Quiz March 13th on air- what is air, how do we see air, how do we know air is present? what is air pressure? what is trapped air?

In addition to Foss Science, we also have Mystery Science as a supplement this year.

Social Studies

Chapter 6: Why People Work

People work for many different reasons, people have different types of jobs.

Key Vocabulary: slaves, volunteer

SEL Focus of the Month:

Theme of the month: Perseverance & Grit

As the winter draws to a close, we look to focus on perseverance and grit this March, since we can all probably use a little bit of those to get us to spring break! Perseverance, defined as persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success, and grit, courage and resolve/strength of character, are highly valuable attributes in life and in education. We want our students to know that facing challenges makes them grow, failure helps them learn a different way to approach a task, and when obstacles are hard, it makes them all the more worth doing. Students will watch videos related to perseverance and grit this month, and at home you can discuss times when you have overcome obstacles and shown that failure is not the end, but merely another stepping stone to success.

  1. Younger Grades
    1. Perseverance for students - Episode 1 of 3: Katie Discovers the Dip
    2. Perseverance for students - Episode 2 of 3: Climbing out of the Dip
    3. Perseverance for students - Episode 3 of 3: The Big Show

Writer's Workshop

We will be working on animal research books


We are working on verbs.

Introducing: verbs, different tenses, subject-verb agreement