Ms. Courtade &

Ms. Roman

Hello Parents!

Welcome to Room 215's website. Below you will find information about our discipline plan, homework policy, grading policy, and teacher contact information.

Discipline Plan

The first and second grade team will use a stoplight system of purple, red, yellow, and green cards. Every student will start the day with their clothespin clipped to the green “Ready to Learn” sign. Throughout the day, as the teacher observes behavior, the clothespins can move to the other sections of the stoplight.

Purple - Role Model

Green - Ready to Learn (this is where students start each day)

Yellow - Warning

Red - Call Home/Behavior Reflection

One consequence for being on the red section at the end of the day is a note and phone call home to a parent or guardian. If one of these notes is sent home, you are expected to sit down and discuss what happened that led to the switch to the red section, think of two other things your child could have done, and then discuss what your child will do next time. After each of these topics are discussed and recorded, the form should be signed and returned to school. Please do not just sign and return this form blank. It is important that your child know how serious ending the day on red is and that you are aware of its meaning. Students are able to move back and forth between the colors during the day and are encouraged to modify their behaviors to return to the green card.

There are other consequences for students who are on red at the end of the school day. Students will not be able to participate in Green Team monthly celebrations if they have three “red days” in a month. Ending the day on the yellow section will result in a half point deduction. Also, students will not be able to participate in Fun Friday with their classmates if they have ended the day on red at all that week.

Students will track their behavior daily on the calendar that will be in their homework folder every evening. Please be sure to check your son or daughter’s calendar daily to discuss issues and achievements that you notice on their behavior chart.

Homework Policy

Students in first and second grade will have homework every night of the week. One expectation is that every child will read or be read to for at least twenty minutes everyday. Literacy is an integral part of the first and second grade curriculum and it’s very important to continue its practice at home daily. Along with reading nightly, students will regularly have math homework and spelling work to complete. Please check your child’s homework folder every night.


Grades are based on the Common Core Standards. A variety of grades will be included in their overall grade including assessments, assignments, and projects. All grades will be available to families through the Parent Portal. You can access the Portal at

We follow the CPS grading scale of:

A 100%-90% Substantially Exceeds Standards

B 89%-80% Exceeds Standards

C 79%-70% Meets Standards

D 69%-60% Less Than Acceptable performance on Standards

F 59%-0% Does Not Meet Standard

Teacher Office Hours

If you need to speak with your child’s teacher please contact the teacher directly to schedule a time to discuss any issues that arise. Keep in mind that between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM we are with your children. Therefore, we may not be able to read emails during the day. We will get back with you as soon as possible, but please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond. If you have a time-sensitive issue, please text, send a note in your child’s backpack, or call the office.

Please contact us with any questions that arise:

Ms. Roman: (773) 612-5497

Ms. Courtade: (616) 644-7853