Mr. Johnson's PE Page

Skinner West Elementary School

Homerooms serviced: all K-2, all 6-8, Room 114 & 313

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Welcome Skinner West community members!

  • Please use the information on this page for your reference throughout the school year and don't hesitate to contact me by emailing me at
  • Please allow for a 24-hour window for email responses.
  • Any and all parent meetings must be scheduled during during teacher prep time and appointments must be made 48 hours in advance. Phone conferences can be scheduled in the same manner.

Current Assignments and due dates...

  • All 6-8 graders MUST accept google classroom invite by Friday Oct 5th

Homeroom classes I am servicing during the 2017-18 school year (and their corresponding PE days)

  • Diverse Learners - 114 (Wed) 313 (Wed)
  • K - 401(Tu), 404 (Tu), 403 (Th), 400 (Th)
  • 1 - 120 (Tu/Th), 402 (Tu), 119 (Th), 405 (Th)
  • 2 - 118 (Th/Fri), 121 (Fri), 123 (Mon), 124 (Mon)
  • 6 - 312 (Wed), 314 (Fri), 317 (Tu/Fri), 321 (Mon/Wed)
  • 7 - 316 (Wed/Fri), 322 (Tu), 323 (Mon), 318 (Wed/Thu)
  • 8 - 319 (Wed/Thu), 320 (Fri), 326 (Mon/Tu)

Skinner PE Dress Code

The overarching objective of the PE Dress Code is to have all students dressed in an appropriate manner to participate fully in a movement based environment. Clothing should be light and easy to move in. We ask that students dress as outlined in the chart below on their homeroom's designated PE day (listed above). Students will not be permitted to change before or after PE, so they will need to come dressed as outlined below on any day where they have PE. Note that the Upper Grade Dress Code still applies to all students in grades 6-8.

Acceptable footwear - gym shoes, sneakers, keens, any closed toed shoe with a rubber sole

Unacceptable footwear - flip flops, any open toed shoe, boots, any shoe with an elevated heel, crocs

Acceptable tops - any school appropriate t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt

Unacceptable tops - sweaters, dress shirts, dresses, any form of denim shirt, vest, or jacket, shirt with any type of tie

Acceptable bottoms - athletic/jogging pants, any type of shorts, yoga pants/leggings, sweatpants

Unacceptable bottoms - jeans, dress slacks, cargo pants, khackis, corduroy pants, any skirt or dress without leggings

Acceptable jewelry - stud earrings, necklaces that can be tucked under a shirt

Unacceptable jewelry - hoop earrings, earings that hang down from the earlobe, anything large or heavy

**Please note that there's always an increased likelihood that things get broken during PE, so we STRONGLY encourage students to not bring anything expensive or valuable to the gym for class, including wearing expensive framed glasses**

Illness & Injury Policy

Students who are ill or injured to the point where their participation in PE will be limited are required to bring either a doctor or parent note to be fully excused from participating in class, but they will still be required to be in the gym for the duration of their PE period and not permitted to do work from any other class.

Skinner Spirit Wear - Instructions for ordering Skinner Apparel

Please see form below for school spirit wear orders.

lands end uniform school info.pdf

Skinner West Curriculum Information

We proudly utilize SPARK, a research-based Physical Education curriculum that promotes lifelong wellness while aligning to both state and national standards.

Embedded below are curriculum plans that highlight the units taught, when they're being taught, skills/concepts covered, and instructional outcomes students should be able to demonstrate at the end of the unit. Outcomes are assessed as exceeds the standard (A), meets the standard/proficient (B), working towards (C), beginner level (D).

Scope & Sequence - The first item embedded below is the scope & sequence for all classes I service throughout the school year.

Curriculum Plans - After the scope & sequence, the curriculum plans highlight units covered throughout the school year and desired outcomes for each unit.


Gym Room Rules

All rules are aimed at creating a safe, fun movement-based environment for engagement and learning.

1. Listen and Follow Directions

2. Respect Others

3. Keep all Body Parts to Youself

4. Be a Good Sport

Consequences (please note that I may skip steps depending on the situation)

1. Verbal warning and reminder

2. Timeout and short discussion with teacher. Timeout is the number of minutes equal to the age of the student (10 years old = 10 minutes)

3a.(K-2) Timeout for remainder of the period and yellow slip given to be signed and returned by parents.

3b. (6-8) Timeout for remainder of the period and yellow slip given to be signed and returned by parents. After first yellow slip of school year, each additional yellow slip will result in a lunch reflection given to the student.

Additional Resources...

Check out the National Standards for Physical Education and age-specific performance outcomes for any concept we cover in PE by clicking the link below!