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This Month's Elementary CS Feature:

Dennis Guerrero's Technology Elective Class

Daniel Boone Elementary School


Boone ES middle school elective students put on an arts showcase each semester to share the work they've done in their classes. This semester's theme was "Imagine."

Can you imagine...a world with No Fortnite? No Racism? No guns or crime? How about a world with no school?!

Dennis Guerrero's students designed individual projects in Scratch, and collaborated to create a production for the showcase that included video, audio, live actors playing the parts of Scratch blocks, and LIVE CODING by students!

Click below to listen as students reflect on how coding in Scratch helped them to be more creative and better express themselves and their ideas.

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Computer Science is not simply "one more discipline to learn;" rather, it is a methodology that enables the study of and innovation in other disciplines and content areas. ‚Äč

For elementary students, our goal is that EVERY CPS student has at least one meaningful Computer Science experience in each of 3 grade bands:

Pre-K - 2nd grade

3rd - 5th grade

6th - 8th grade

CS4All strives to provide a relevant and compelling computer science experience to every student in Chicago. With your help, we can make that possible!

About CS4All @ Chicago Public Schools

CS4All is an innovative computer science education program that provides equity, empowerment, and opportunities that maximize the innate potential of every student. Our students will become global citizens who understand the ubiquity of computing. Students will be able to use their knowledge to join the ranks of those who embrace technology to revolutionize their communities, our nation, and the world.

Chicago is proud to be the birthplace of Computer Science for All, a movement to bring computer science education to every student. For high school students this means a graduation requirement for computer science for the incoming class of 2016 (graduating class of 2020).