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Virtual Family Creative Coding Nights

Principal Adekunle from Sayre Language Academy and the Elementary Team of the Office of Computer Science presented at World Education Week, an event that picked 100 schools from across the world as examples of the incredible work of educators working to promote a higher and better standard of education for all.

Along with with Mitch Resnick the Creator of Scratch and Director of the Life-Long Kindergarten Group at MIT and Champika Fernando Executive Director of the Scratch Foundation, we talked about our work developing a Virtual Creative Family Coding Nights Implementation Guide. You can read about how to bring a virtual creative coding night to your school using the guide below!

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Coders in Action

From Family Creative Coding Nights outside the classroom at LEARN South Charter School, to robotics activities inside the classroom, Elementary School teachers, parents, and students are creating the next generation of computer scientists right here at CPS.

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The Camras Elementary robotics team in action, led by Angelica Tobias.  Check out the video of their run in description.Orcabots from Lorca Elementary School, led by coach Joan Mendelson.Michelle Warden's Robotiger students earned the Rising Star award at regionals on their way to the state championships!

Robotics Teams Shine Bright

Robotics teams from Camras, Lorca, and Wadsworth Elementary are mixing STEM and teamwork for some amazing results. Watch the Camras Bricksters in action, and be sure to cheer on the Orcabots and the Robotigers at state championships!

Scratch Creative Coding Family Nights

At Family Coding Nights all around Chicago, we've cheered on more than 550 creative "Scratchers" of all ages. Moms, dads, uncles & aunties, grannies & grandpas, teachers, principals, and kids of all ages are using Scratch to unleash their inner genius.

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NCF Scratch Family Coding Nights

Boone Elementary School Imagines

At Boone Elementary, students create projects for their arts showcase that happens every semester. Students coded their projects in Scratch with video and audio media elements. The theme of this semester's projects was Imagine.

Can you imagine a world without Fortnite? Racism? Guns? Crime? How about a world with no school?

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Edwards Elementary School

Ms. Rosa's 3rd Grade Class

Eagle Daily News: Special Report

Tired of being stuck inside during the winter months? The news team at Edwards Elementary School used green screens to put together a report on great holiday attractions around Chicago.

Edwards Newscast

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