NEIU Cohort Members

Getting Started

If you're here, you've already gone through the information on our CS Teaching Endorsement Page, and filled out the interest form on that page.

Why go through a school?

Getting endorsed by ISBE to teach Computer Science all on your own is difficult. NEIU's computer science endorsement program is an ISBE-approved course of study that sidesteps lots of paperwork and lets you focus on your education.

NEIU can entitle a teacher who meets the TECS program requirements. NEIU will tell ISBE that NEIU has verified that you completed a course of study pre-approved by ISBE as sufficient to earn a CS teaching endorsement. This is one major advantage of applying for the endorsement through NEIU rather than applying directly to ISBE, which sometimes results in delays and uncertainty.

A step-by-step guide for applying.

Once you've applied, the best way to plan your coursework is to consult this guide.

Taking Classes

This guide will walk you through registering for classes at both ISU and NEIU

Browse the different class syllabi before you enroll in a course.

Have questions about tuition, payment, financial aid, or reimbursement on the way to your endorsement?

CPS teachers are eligible for tuition reimbursement for NEIU classwork.

Get lane credit for your TECS classes!

Useful Contacts

Chicago Public Schools

General Inquiries

Jeremy Gubman

jsgubman [at]

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU)

Questions about NEIU Coursework.

Professor Francisco Iacobelli

f-iacobelli [at]

Contact to add or drop courses during a semester.