Graduation Requirement

In 2016 CPS instituted the first computer science graduation requirement in the nation. Starting with the graduating class of 2020, all high school students must take and pass at least one, full-year computer science course.

High School Course Catalog.pdf

CPS Course Catalog

Any course with the words Computer Science listed next to it under one of the Graduation Categories satisfies the CS Graduation requirement.

Curriculum Highlights

Learn more about the two most popular curricula for computer science implemented at the High School level.

Exploring Computer Science (ECS)

Exploring Computer Science is a year-long, research-based, high school intro-level computer science curriculum that focuses on broadening participation in computing. ECS both prepares students for high-level courses like AP Computer Science, and addresses the economic, social, and cultural contexts of our current computational world. ECS is a comprehensive introduction to computer science.

AP Computer Science Principles (CSP)

AP CSP is a good option for students who have already taken ECS. It is a new Advanced Placement course designed to give students foundational computing skills, an understanding of the real-world impact of computing applications, and programming literacy. It is a course that seeks to broaden participation in computing and computer science to students who might not otherwise consider studying the subject after high school.