Ms. Carlson's

6th Grade


New Announcements

1. Contact Ms. Carlson:

2. Please return the following forms: Student Medical form(found in booklet), CPS Family Income (you may write N/A, but we need one returned for every family), Media Consent Release with a yes or no, and the $108 6th Grade Student fee (please request a waiver form if you think you may qualify).

3. Scholastic Book Orders: to order books for your child online, please visit Scholastic Book Clubs and use our classroom code- LHVC2. Your order will arrive at Skinner, in my care, and I will distribute to students.

4. How to Find a Book's Lexile Level: your child will be expected to complete Book Reports at(or above) their Lexile Range. Students were given their range, and should search the lexile level of any possible book he/she is considering for a book report. Please visit The average 6th grader's lexile level is 885-1165.

Assignments Policy

  • Students are responsible for the completion of all homework and class work assignments.
  • Students will be given an assignment notebook, and will be expected to record all assignments needing to be finished at home.
  • Every assignment should be completed neatly and to the best of the student's ability.
  • Absent work will be accepted for full credit upon the student's return.
  • 6th Grade Late Work Policy-Students may turn in work after the due date with the following deductions:

1 day past due= 10%

2 days past due= 20%

3 days past due=30%

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to regularly check the Parent Portal.

Class Expectations

  • Students are expected to follow all classroom and school wide rules at all times.
  • School begins promptly at 8:45a.m.; students should be in the gymnasium by that time. School ends at 3:45p.m.; students will be dismissed promptly and are expected to leave the building unless enrolled in an after school program. Being on time is a priority!
  • Students should be prepared every day with their required materials (i.e. books, assignments, supplies, etc.)
  • Students should eat lunch everyday, either by getting a free school lunch, or bringing one of their own from home. Asking others for their food is discouraged.
  • Students will be expected to keep their desks and lockers clean, organized, and free of clutter.

ELA and SS Grading

English Language Arts

  • Tests- 45%
  • Class work/ Projects- 40%
  • Homework- 15%

Social Studies

  • Tests- 50%
  • Quizzes/Exit Slips- 25%
  • Class work/ Projects- 25%