CPI Mosteiro-Meis

This is what we do

CPI MOSTEIRO-MEIS is a school located in the low estuaries in Galicia, located in north-western Spain. There are currently 40 teachers, 7 non-teaching workers and 340 students enrolled in the school, divided between the Primary Education section and the Compulsory Secondary Education section, with ages ranging from 6 to 18 years. Its location close to the cities of Pontevedra, Vilagarcía allows our students to have at their disposal a varied offer to continue their studies after the compulsory schooling stage. The environment of the school is rural, with great dispersion of its 5000 inhabitants distributed among more than 30 villages.

At the CPI Mosteiro-Meis we believe in teaching according to the socioformative model that encompasses know-how, knowing how to do and knowing how to be. We organize a large number of extracurricular and complementary activities highlighting those that fulfill a function of adopting values such as respect, equality, solidarity, appreciation of diversity and healthy habits.

For the past three years, our center has been immersed in a Permanent Teacher Training Plan, whose central axis is the experience of new methodologies for the acquisition of key competences. This training plan involves more than 60% of the teaching staff and we are in the process of carrying out these new methodological proposals: project-based learning, collaborative work, flipped classroom, case study, gamification, etc.

The commitment to the use of ICT, on the other hand, is being approved both as a learning tool and as a dissemination of the work carried out. In addition to the center's website we have the center's blog, the radio blog, youtube channel, and the classroom and department blogs, where all kinds of multimedia documents produced by the students are published.

The exchange of good practices on how to bring new methodologies and ICTs to our students, as well as transmit values ​​of respect and appreciation of cultural diversity, provide a new approach to teaching and learning to help culture and taste reality.

The European dimension of the center is materialized in our European development plan. Right now we are leading an Eramus + with Ireland, and we are in the approval phase of another international exchange with France. The end-of-studies trips are always to a European capital, we also have in place the program for obtaining the French-language Delf certificate as well as a reinforcement program in English and 4 bilingual sections in English.