How to Build a Buying Co-op

In just 3 years, 75 community institutions have come together on more than $10 million in annual contracts and saved more $2.9 million.

The model is to pull together about $10 million in spending, save participants at least $1 million each year and earn enough along the way to pay staff and grow the collective impact of your spending.

What kind of impacts could you imagine in your region?

How The Model Works

Organizations work together to pool their purchasing power.

The co-op shops in the market and negotiates the best deal with and for the group.

Participants save big and create meaningful social change in the process.

Key Areas of Collaboration

Our Invitation To You

CPA_Toolkit_Cover Letter_August2017

Okay, Let's Dive a Little Further

Some Slides to Pull Together A Vision of What's Possible

CPA_Toolkit - Feasibility_Guide_June2017

So, what's in this toolkit?

  1. Cover Letter: Welcome!
  2. Outline & Overview of the Toolkit (2-pages, Google Doc below)
  3. Problem & Solution (1-pager)
  4. Threshold Tests: What you may need to be sure a co-op will work in your area (1-pager)
  5. Feasibility Guide: Interview questions & Illustrative Projections (Google Slides above)
  6. Videos: Who We Are & What We're Doing (YouTube Channel here or Top Videos here)
  7. Resource Library (feasibility interview questions, business plan guide, pro-forma financials, sample RFPs, bylaws, membership agreements, vendor agreements, marketing templates and more) [We're happy to make this part is available - just give us a call.]

You can download 1 through 5 of the above as a single .pdf file here.


Okay, so, you're ready to dive in?

Great, we'd love to give you access to our Resource Library.

Our Resource Library includes pro-forma financial models, simple spreadsheet estimators, templates of membership agreements, marketing materials, Request for Proposals, vendor agreements and more. Give us a call and we'll show you how to get access.

We really hope you'll join us.

Now give us a call, I'm excited to help you dive in further and figure out how what we've learned can apply to your local context.

Here's What the Co-op Looks Like in Action

I'm looking forward to finding ways we can help you.


Felipe Witchger, Executive Director

Call: 202-810-2725 | Email:

We want to be making videos like this about YOU

and the work you make happen by bringing people together with the CPA Co-op model.

Just take two minutes and give me a call:


I look forward to working with you!

Looking for more about CPA?

The CPA Co-op Toolkit is sponsored in part with support from the National Cooperative Bank:

Looking for a printer-friendly version of the toolkit?

The toolkit in one .pdf file here.

Looking for a 1-pager flyer to share?

Here you are.

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