Mrs. Julie Perkins is our English Facilitator


English is the study of the written word from pre-history to the present. Essentially, students look at communities and cultures through the lens of literature: the philosophical, political, religious, and social attitudes and commentators that have shaped, and continue to shape our world. The English courses incorporate critical reading, grammar, vocabulary development, research, and writing skills. Students also complete a research-based writing project about their lives and their college/career choices. Two courses - 9th grade and 11th grade - have a state-mandated End-of-Course Test that counts 20% of the final grade. All Edgenuity English classes are aligned with the Georgia Standards and follow an approved scope and sequence appropriate to the needs of the individual learner.

I want my students to be successful and I try to create an environment for success. I monitor student involvement in class and expect each student to try and help themselves to the best of their ability. At the PLC, we are dedicated to helping students become productive, effective members of our community and encouraging them to compete effectively in their current and future careers.