The High-School Advisory course is focused on preparing Cove students for post-secondary life, including the development of Transition-related services and goals.

Themes include:

  • Self-awareness: understanding and articulating strengths and challenges
  • Self-determination: ownership and responsibility for decision making
  • Perseverance : ability to adjust to change and work through difficulties
  • Goal-setting: ability to set goals and develop a plan to achieve goals
  • Advocacy: understanding when and how to request needed supports
  • Time management and other Executive Functioning skills: ability to incorporate in daily living
  • Vocational Preparation
  • Understanding one's disability and if/when it's appropriate to disclose
  • Independence
  • Problem Solving
  • Soft Skills
  • Character/Employability
  • Transition Skills
    • Learn job-related skills
    • Complete vocational and transition assessments
    • Complete career related interest inventories
    • Complete self-assessments
    • Develop awareness of jobs: qualification, hiring, requirements, outlook
    • Identify short-term career goals
    • Identify supports needed to achieve post-secondary education goals
    • Identify learning styles
    • Interviewing skills, resume writing
    • Executive Functioning

Advisory Skills Matrix