Ms. Hutter

About me:

I have a LBS1 Masters in Special Education from National Louis University. NLU is one of the oldest universities in Chicago with the mission that education should make a difference. I plan to make a difference in your student’s classroom as I feel passionately about what I do and feel best when I am in the service of others.

A cornerstone to my educational philosophy derives not just from current research, but my own personal experience with inquiry-based methods as well. I believe in a capacity-leads-to-responsibility atmosphere and a classroom community driven on social responsibility. I seek to develop the capacity of each student, to steer his or her own learning in a non-competitive environment. Margaret Mead, a well-known author in the educational field, profoundly stated, “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” I feel the ability to problem solve and have critical thinking skills far outweighs obtaining a trivial knowledge base. This ideology drives my passion for teaching.

Personally, I have a passion for travel. I have lived outside of the United States several times and have visited many more countries across the globe. These experiences have led me to truly understand and value diversity. In my teaching, I impart the importance and benefits of individualism and cultural awareness in our classroom.

​Besides being a teacher, I am also a mom to an 18 year old son named Sage. We have a goofy wheaten terrier named Yogi. I am excited to bring my unique and creative perspective to your students this year and I look forward to teaching and learning from each one of your kids.