6th Grade

Ms. LaBrie - Email

She has been teaching for 25 years and truly enjoys working with her students, sharing lots of laughs with them, and celebrating their successes in and out of the classroom. In her spare time, she enjoys everything athletic-from running marathons to long-distance cycling and circuit training. Relaxation in her world looks like a tropical island scene with her husband, Jack, where the day is defined by flip-flops, beach chairs, and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Mrs. Matheu - Email

Mrs. Boynton- Email

My favorite thing about teaching is getting to know who my students are, watching them grow into young adults and those spontaneous whole class laughter eruptions! In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my boxer, re-modeling my house and making memories with my family.

Ms. Lutcha - Email

7th Grade

Mrs. Lawrence - Email

She has been a teacher for just over twenty years and still loves seeing her students' feeling of success when they "get it". During her free time, she loves spending time with her two boys, hiking, traveling, soaking up the beach air & sounds and anything else outdoors.

Mrs. Brown - Email

My favorite thing about teaching is when, after persevering through something that they were struggling with, a student has that "aha" moment and really gets it. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling (especially to Disney), reading, and cheering for the Eagles and the Yankees.

Mrs. Osterhout - Email

Mrs. Scheib - Email

8th Grade

Ms. Grant - Email

I like to spend time with family and friends, go to the beach, and go hiking. A fun fact about me is that I lived in Australia for 5 months and went skydiving there!

Mr. Thomas- Email

Ms. Pinto - Email

Mrs. Tattrie - Email

I live in town so if you see me please say hello! This also means that when the weather is nice enough, I commute on my bike-watch out!


Mrs. Rocchio - Email

In addition to teaching Pre-Algebra, she also helps out with choreographing the musicals and a few of the dances for Showcase at ASFMS. Outside of school, I am a mom of two; a yoga lover; supporter of my kids football, cheer, and all other sports teams; and love being outside and on or in the water in the summer.

Mr. Seekell - Email

The best thing about teaching is seeing the look on a students face when they, all of a sudden, gain a full understanding of what they are doing....that 'light bulb' moment never gets old! In my free time, I enjoy hiking and camping with my family. Participating in events like the Tough Mudder helps keep me on my toes.