Hoping to Hire Covenant Scots?

Thank you for visiting HireScots! This year, instead of hosting multiple large events, we are planning to allow organizations to visit campus on an individual basis. Also, we have found Handshake to be one of the best places to connect with students. We encourage you to access your Handshake account (or create one if you have not already) and follow these directions to complete an event request after you have requested a date through Calendly.

Our department will consider your request and, if approved, we will assign you a space to meet with students as the college calendar allows. Click on the "Request a Visit Date" button above to get started. We are excited to have visitors on campus this, and we look forward to your visit request!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Heidi our Events Coordinator. She can be reached by email at hirescots@covenant.edu.