DeForest - Santa Clara/Santo Domingo Cultural Exchange

Hola a tod@s!

Welcome to the official site for the winter exchange. This page contains/will contain all the relevant information related to the exchange such as itineraries, activities, and host family / exchange student contact info. Questions can be emailed to or Whatsapp / Imessage +506 8478 2100.

We are very excited for DeForest's participation as a host this year. The last two years Costa Rican students have visited as part of a day exchange, on loan from their host school. This year DeForest families will have the opportunity to welcome exchange students into their homes for two weeks. Students will be visiting from two Costa Rican high schools with their teachers and are all high school aged.

Please review the site and if you'd like to host you can fill out the application form on this page :) Hosting sign up deadline is Oct. 25th and families will be notified of their pair shortly after. There will also be a host family meeting in early November.


  • Departure flight Wednesday, January 16th:
    1. Southwest WN 304 2:05PM departs Costa Rica (SJO), arrives 6PM Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
    2. Southwest WN 400 7:55PM departs Fort Lauderdale, arrives 10:05PM Chicago Midway (MDW)
  • Return flight Wednesday, January 30th:
    1. Southwest WN 5:55AM departs Chicago Midway (MDW), arrives 10:00AM Fort Lauderdale
    2. Southwest WN 303 11:00AM departs Fort Lauderdale, arrives 1:05PM Costa Rica (SJO)


  • Due to late arrival group will spend night at hotel and tour Chicago the next day with arrival between 8 and 9pm.
  • Group will travel by bus to and from airport.

Whatsapp group:

  • This will be the official exchange Whatsapp group: COMING SOON
  • To join, download Whatsapp on your phone (, open this site on your phone and click the link from the previous point. If that doesn't work, email your phone number to Dustin and he can manually add your number to the group.
  • We'll use this to communicate drop off and pick up times, changes to the itinerary, reminders about activities and will be the recommended way to initiate communication with your exchange student.

Key Takeaway:

For the exchange students this is their big opportunity to immerse themselves! They have the Fri-dom to totally change their personality in their second culture / language. They are told not to be afraid to step out of their comfort zone and/or embarrass themselves. The exchange is too short and we want them to experience as many memorable moments as possible. Everyone is going to experience the exchange in their own way and there is no telling what impact it may have on them so please take advantage of every moment.

As a host family you are the prime facilitators of this experience and stand to benefit just as much from the experience. Previous families have commented that hosting "forces" them to do things together and participate in activities that they might not normally do. Hosting is also gateway that could inspire you to host others, exchange back to Costa Rica or to other parts of the world. The experience doesn't end January 30th, but rather will continue in the digital age where communication is only a short Snap, Instagram, or Whatsapp away.

WI Receive Exchange guide .pdf


About Liceo Santo Domingo - Santo Domingo, Costa Rica

Liceo Santo Domingo Profile.pdf

About Agropecuario San Carlos - Santa Clara, Costa Rica

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