CRSD Virtual Academy

CRSD Virtual Academy

Parents and students,

If you have any problems with the CRSD Virtual Academy software, contact the help desk at 1-800-447-5286 Option 9 then option 4. Please do not contact the school.

If you have trouble with any CRSD school device, please submit a help ticket at

There will be a completely virtual learning option available for all K-12 students who reside within the Cossatot River School District. This option should not be seen as a preferred model for all students, and families should consider the following, as well as other traits, that are critical to a successful virtual learning experience for students. Students should be self-motivated, independent learners, efficient time managers, and strong communicators. Furthermore, we need to ensure that students who choose this option are computer literate, academically prepared, and demonstrate a strong personal commitment to their educational future.

Families who select the Cossatot River Virtual Academy must provide needed home support for their students in order to guide them through the educational process. This support will likely be more significant and time-demanding for younger students. In grades K-2, our students focus deeply on learning foundational skills such as reading and number sense. As students develop and mature, less direct parental engagement should be needed for them to be successful as long as the student possesses independent study skills and the needed time management skills.

Students who are not on grade-level, require academic intervention, or require special services may elect to participate in the Cossatot River Virtual Academy, but are best served in our traditional blended learning environment, which will be our standard educational option as we move forward in the 2020-2021 school year. Students who choose the traditional blended learning model will be required to follow all safety regulations established by the district as directed by the Arkansas Department of Health, the Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and our Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Virtual Academy Enrollment

Students interested in enrolling in the Cossatot River Virtual Academy for the fall of 2020 need to contact their school's office for more information or complete the following steps below. If parents declared virtual learning during the survey, the district will require additional information including: online registration form, a signed CRSD Virtual Academy Learning Contract, and mandatory parent meeting for admission into the Virtual Academy. The date of the parent meeting will be announced at a later time. Any student who did not declare virtual learning during the survey and still desires to be in the virtual academy, must contact his or her school's office by August 3, 2020.

Registration has closed for the CRSD Virtual Academy.

CRSD Virtual Academy Agreement.pdf

Fill out and sign the Virtual Academy Learning Contract. Completed forms can be emailed to your school principal at the email addresses below or brought to the school.


Consistent and quality broadband internet is necessary for your student to have a successful virtual learning environment. Students will be issued a Chromebook or other reliable device by the district for educational use.


Unlike the 2019-20 AMI process due to COVID which focused on essential skills and practice, the Cossatot River Virtual Academy will provide a more comprehensive and rigorous curriculum comparable to the curriculum taught in our traditional school environment. Students can expect to dedicate approximately three to five hours per day for instruction, which may include digital lessons, collaborative activities, and completion of tasks. The curriculum taught to students in grades K-12 will be provided by Edmentum. All lessons and activities will be submitted and graded by the Edmentum K-12 Arkansas Licensed Teachers.


All Cossatot River students, whether in the Cossatot River Virtual Academy or our traditional blended learning program, will participate in our district’s assessment system. Some of these tests will occur at a student’s school; others may be taken virtually. The following assessments are required of Cossatot River's students:

Istation (K-2) Fall, Winter, Spring (Administered at a CRSD campus)

ACT Aspire (3-10) (Administered at a CRSD campus)

ACT 11th (Administered at a CRSD campus)

PAST (K-6 as needed) (Administered at a CRSD campus)

DLM (3-10 as needed) (Administered at a CRSD campus)

ELPA (K-12 as needed) (Administered at a CRSD campus)

All students enrolled in the Cossatot River School District will have the opportunity to attend traditional blended in-person or virtual learning. If conditions change based upon directives from ADH, the district may move a school, a classroom, or the entire district into a remote-learning situation where students would continue with their education.

It is important to note, whether families choose virtual or traditional blended-learning, students and families should be prepared to complete the entire semester within that learning environment. District staffing will be set based upon student/parent response to digital learning and cannot be easily changed once school begins. However, please know that we will have systems in place to support students in their respective learning environments and intervene as best as possible.

Edmentum is a leading provider of online learning programs designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success. AT CRSD, Edmentum will be used for all students choosing Virtual Education instead of the traditional on-site learning. Students and parents can access below the Edmentum's EdOptions Academy to learn more about the using the program.

K-5 Student Resources

6-12 Student Resources