Mrs. Gutierrez

Mrs. Gutierrez was born and raised in Poland. She obtained a Masters degree in Physics with a specialization in experimental physics at the University of Lodz, Poland.

After graduating from the University of Lodz, Mrs. Gutierrez took a position in experimental physics at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

She worked in the Polymer Physics Department as a Research Assistant for three years. During this time she was responsible for designing experiments to investigate electrical and mechanical properties of polymer thin films. Mrs. Gutierrez has co-authored eight scientific peer-reviewed research publications.

Mrs. Gutierrez strongly believes that education plays an essential role in helping young people achieve their goals. For over five years she has been contributing her skills to help educate young students at the Corpus Christi School. In return, she says, “The students of Corpus Christi have taught her to be patient, forgiving and to be better listener.”

Mrs. Gutierrez now lives in Pinole and is married to a fellow physicist, Anthony Gutierrez and has two children, son Mikolaj and daughter Yulia.