Student Council


Dollar Wars, our lent fundraiser, will be starting March 12 and end March 23.

What is 'Dollar Wars' ?

Dollar Wars is where we have three teams that comprise of k - 3 for Team 1, 4 - 6 for Team 2, and 7 - 8 for Team 3. These teams will then bring in money that they will put in their dedicated jugs near the office, Remember! only US legal tender. Put dollars in you jug ($1 = + 1 point) and put all larger bills in the other teams because it subtracts points from their total ($20 = - 20 points, $5 = - 5 points, etc.)

Questions of the Week

Sports People: What warriors basketball players got injured?

Student of the Week: Boy in the 3rd grade with brown hair and brown eyes?

Sports Question:

Question of the week: A man is driving his car and he sees' a green, yellow and silver door. What door does he open first.

Fundraiser: Dollar wars