Student Council

Student Council is a organization of students who fulfill positions and help assist the school . There are different positions like president, who is the leader of the school or treasurer who manages the schools money and fundraisers. We also do things like run the Halloween Carnival, Popsicle Sale, Spirit days and fundraisers. It is a fun way to get involved with the school community. If you want to see the current student council, go to the student council officers page. If you want ways to help be sustainable go to the Green Tips page. If you want to learn about the athletics at the school go to the Sports page.

Question of the week: What goes around the woods but never goes in?

Person of the week: A girl in the 5th grade with brown hair, hazel eyes, whose favorite color is pink, she likes basketball, her favorite food is tostadas, and her favorite animal is a dog. : )

Sports Person of the week:what sport did George Washington play with his troops?

Sports question of the week: