First Grade

... where BIG things happen for little people!

First Graders enjoy a year of learning based on the Student Learning Expectations:

Love and Serve God and Others

Students learn about their special relationship with God through formal religion lessons, Fr. Leo, and special prayer experiences throughout the year. They learn and share with others the Nativity Story, Gospel enactments, May Crowning, and lead Stations of the Cross. The first graders engage in service learning activities involving senior friends of the parish and local community. They also participate in school drives to feed the hungry, clothe those in need, and remember the sick and imprisoned.

Love Learning

There is so much excitement in learning for first graders! In addition to the rigorous curriculum addressing the Diocesan Religion Standards, Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and updated standards in Social Studies, there are projects motivating learning: getting library cards, reading buddies with Kindergarten friends and Third Graders, art sessions with a working artist, learning about many cultures represented in our school, computer-generated projects and iPad apps to help us develop reading, writing, and thinking skills.

Love One's Self

The students thrive on recognizing their specialness and enjoy opportunities to share their gifts and talents with others. They enjoy hearing live performances and performing live in concerts and plays. They develop a sense of community being with others in school families, having class buddies, and welcoming guests from the community. The first graders grow through their connections with others and exhibiting life skills for a life well lived.


Laura Knox