Eighth Grade

Best Year Ever!!!

Love and Serve God and others

Eighth graders grow deeper in their faith and knowledge of scripture, Catholic doctrine and Tradition, and the Church’s social teachings. They enjoy lessons with Father Leo where faith based questions and issues are discussed. Opportunities to show leadership in their faith occur daily as students lead prayer at morning assembly, afternoon prayer in the classroom, seasonal prayer assemblies and liturgies. Eighth graders attend two retreats, one in the fall and one in the spring, where they have the perfect opportunity to explore issues surrounding their strengths and talents, self esteem, and their lives and how they see themselves. Students also engage in service learning activities. We partner with the Alameda County Food Bank on a monthly basis to package food for the needy. Each eighth grader takes on the leadership role as the head of a school faith family. School families meet on a regular basis where they worship, socialize and have fun together.

Love Learning

Eighth graders enjoy the challenge of rigorous curriculum addressing the Diocesan Religion Standards, Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and updated standards in their online Social Studies program (TCI). Each student participates in the Junior High Science Fair where the top winners in each science category go on to compete at the Diocesan level and possibly county level. Through the elective program Jr. High students can  choose from a variety of offered classes. Many choices expand the artistic and creative side of learning.  There are many occasions where students share knowledge from research based projects by creating and presenting their findings in a Google slide presentation. Their learning comes to life when guest speakers, such as a Holocaust survivor or author, come to share their life experiences with the class.

Love One’s Self

Eighth graders are challenged to build strong self-awareness and to develop personal spirituality. Through the Zones of Regulation curriculum each student is set up to make better choices in regulating their thoughts, actions and sensory needs in a way that promotes pride in being a contributing member of their community.  Each eighth grader develops a sense of leadership as being the head of a school faith family. 


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