Latest Release 

Corner Store 

A love song that takes place in your local convenience store.  While in line, Dominique Perry strikes a conversation with a stunning woman who he takes by surprise singing  all the way to her car.  

Critics are already reaving about the sultry voice emerging into the artist spotlight 

SpitFire Magazine


The very illustration of what a dream represents. Raised in the unmitigated cities of North America, where life ain't always been no crystal satire. My mother quoting her favorite poem Mother to Son by Langston Hughes at an early age. I, Dominique Perry, a young man instilled with a jazzy funk that flows out of the words and rhythms of my music. From the pulmonary artery of my heart music is transformed, arranged and represented  in a way that hasn't been heard of in a long time. Styles ranging from a young Stevie Wonder to a vibrant John Legend. Let the music speak to you. Let your heart guide you and most of all always remember that you are the "Product of A Dream"