Pottery Farm

Affordable. Functional. Art - Est. 1996


Cornerstone Ceramic Mfg. (established in 1996) opened their doors as Cornerstone Pottery Farm in 2005 in Silang, Cavite.

They continue to produce world class handmade stoneware pottery using locally and internationally sourced clays and in house glaze formulations. All of our designs are created in house with the potter and collaborations with clients.

Their beautiful and unique wares may be found in their charming shop in Silang, Cavite, or in the monthly bazaars and yearly art fairs in the metro

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You may also see and hold our wares for yourself


We use imported and local materials for our in house formulated clay and glazes. We do not use lead. Most of our glazes are food safe unless it is a specialty glaze.


All of our wares are made by hand. We use traditional equipment - molds, found objects, traditional hand forming. Our glazes are poured and dipped. We do not spray, to protect the health of our crafts people and the environment.


Our stoneware is fired/baked in our oven/kiln at 1200c. This creates a vitrified body and a non porous layer of glaze; whether matte, glozzy, or satin. Because clay is an organic substance, our finishes will have variances. Not one piece will be exactly like the other.

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